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Who we are


As the world leader in glass bottle manufacturing for the Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry, we have been supplying the biggest brands with glass for over 120 years due to our extensive know-how and expertise. At the cutting edge of technology, we offer worldwide industry coverage thanks to our numerous plants and sales offices established on four continents. Passionate for our business, we are continually pushing the limits of our know-how to provide high-quality, innovative and eco-friendly product solutions for a host of international brands.

Who we are

What we do


Fragrance and Beauty represent our core expertise. In addition, we produce Insulators.


Glass expertise

Where we are


France, Spain, USA and South Korea... Our company’s strategic industrial and commercial presence spans the world with 7 plants spread around the globe (Europe, North America and Asia), keeping us in close contact with our customers. The geographical and cultural diversity of our locations and our teams is a major asset that contributes to our success.

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Verescence map

Key figures


manufacturer of Perfumery and Cosmetics glass

€500 million

turnover in 2023


employees, half of which work outside of France


glass manufacturing sites:
France — Mers-les-Bains
Spain — La Granja
USA — Covington
South Korea — Janghang


decoration sites:
France — Abbeville and Écouché
Spain — La Granja
USA — Sparta
South Korea — Janghang


sales offices worldwide
France — Paris
Spain — Madrid
USA — New York
South Korea — Janghang
Brazil — São Paulo


models developed each year

620 million

bottles produced per year


tons of glass drawn

Our vision

To become the global reference in the sustainable beauty industry

Our vision

Our values


These values, the foundation of our history and recent transformation, are now more than ever embodied in our new identity. They obtain renewed significance for our company and our customers.


We all share the same passion for our expertise and our products. With our passion comes the pride of contributing to the success of our customers. Our passion unites us in the Verescence adventure. It gives us the desire and energy to build a brilliant future for our company.



To have the ambition for excellence is to spend each day striving to be better than the last. For our employees, excellence goes hand in hand with their involvement, as well as constantly improving working conditions and talent development. Our customers are our priority, and excellence translates to better customer service and increased value.



Respect is one of the foundations of Verescence. Respect for one another, and the respect for our rich cultural and geographical diversity. Respect for diversity, as well as equality. Respect for all stakeholders including our customers, employees, and partners. Respect for the environment, outlined in our ambitious CSR* policy.

* Corporate Social Responsability



Our courage, determination, and creativity are all forces which consolidate our leadership, and allow us to boldly reinvent ourselves. Innovation drives the development of our company and our products. We strive to constantly amaze our customers.



Our ambition: excellence


Our customers are our priority. To satisfy our customers and earn their trust, we strive each day for excellence in quality and service. Excellence is how we build customer loyalty, day in and day out, as we dare to reinvent ourselves and highlight the differences that make us unique.

Driven by our audacity, expertise and passion, together we will strengthen our position as the world’s leading glass manufacturer for the beauty industry. Excellence at every step will build an ever stronger relationship of trust with our customers and broaden our horizons. This new momentum, soon to take place on a global scale, is already at work within each of us.


Our Story

  • 1896
  • 1939
  • 1968
  • 1972
  • 1989
  • 1996
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2010
  • 2012
  • 2016
  • 2019
  • 2021

Establishment of the first glass manufacturing site in Mers-les-Bains (Picardie, France)


Our story begins at the end of the 19th century, in the heart of the Glass Valley in France. Henri Desjonquères builds the first glass manufacturing site of the group in Mers-les-Bains (Picardie, France), primarily aimed at the luxury fragrance market. The glass bottles then were hand-blown.


Automation of production lines


The glass manufacturing site in Mers-les-Bains automates the production of glass bottles with IS machines and therefore increases its production capacity.


Acquisition of a first decoration site in Ecouché (Normandie, France)


The Henri Desjonquères company diversifies its activities and acquires the Verreries de l’Orne site with Dior, a factory dedicated to the decoration of glass bottles.


Acquisition of the Henri Desjonquères company by Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain Desjonqueres

Saint-Gobain acquires Henri Desjonquères’ company and creates Saint-Gobain Desjonquères.


Two others factories join the group: La Granja (Spain) AND Santa Marina (Brazil)



Acquisition of a second decoration site in Abbeville (Picardie, France)


In order to meet market needs, Saint-Gobain Desjonquères acquires the Verreries de la Somme site, a second factory dedicated to the decoration of glass bottles.


Creation of two factories in the USA

In an international spirit and in order to cope with the dynamism of its customers, Saint-Gobain Desjonquères becomes the first glassmaker to establish factories across the Atlantic with the construction of two sites in Georgia, USA: Covington (glass manufacturing site) and Sparta (decoration site).

covington sparta 1996


Saint-Gobain Desjonquères becomes SGD


Following the acquisition of the glass bottle manufacturing business of Saint-Gobain by two investment funds Sagard and Cognetas, Saint-Gobain Desjonquères creates its own identity with a new brand: SGD.


Launch of Infinite Glass, the world’s first eco-friendly glass for the beauty market

SGD launches Infinite Glass, the first recycled glass for the world of Perfumery and Cosmetics, composed of 100% post-consumer recycled glass. This 100% recycled and 100% recyclable glass is made exclusively out of clear recycled household glass and the manufacturing process reduces the use of raw materials, minimizes CO2 emissions, and saves energy. Verre infini

launch of METAL’in, the first inside metalic coating compatible with juice


Developed in our own research lab in France, this patented technology is revolutionizing the art of fragrance bottles decoration. Now, we can illuminate the inside of fragrance bottles thanks to a metallic coating that is also compatible with fragrance, lending the bottle a mirror effect.




Transfer of SGD to Oaktree Capital Management

The US investment funds Oaktree Capital Management enters the Group’s ownership and brings 140 million euros of new financial resources necessary for the financial restructuring. This significant investment effort allows to carry out the industrial and operational transformation plan.

Verre infini

launch of COLOR’in, the first inside color coating compatible with juice


Two years after the launch of METAL’in, we developed the COLOR’in technology. Now we also sublimate the heart of fragrance bottles with a myriad of colors. Compatible with juice, no pouch is needed with this inside color coating technology.



Launch of our corporate project Performance 2015

2012 marks the start of our corporate project Performance 2015 to ensure our customers receive superior services and the highest possible quality of glass. We have invested in upgrading our plants worldwide with the acquisition of more powerful machines, while improving workplace safety for our employees each day.


SGD becomes Verescence

2016 marks the start of a new adventure, another milestone in our company’s history. With our sole focus now on the Perfumery & Cosmetics business, we strive to strengthen our status as the world’s leading glass manufacturer for the beauty industry.This gives us the ideal opportunity to put a name on what we are today – a multinational company rich in expertise and diversity, in full transformation. Our ambition is to achieve Excellence for our customers all around the world. Our new name Verescence is rich in meaning and signifies our transformation. It combines the French word for glass (“verre”) with the suffix “-escent”, which literally means “beginning to be” or “becoming” – i.e. transformation. The transformation of sand into glass. The transformation of our company. The transformation of ideas into innovations.

Launch of our corporate project Excellence 2018

In 2016, we launched the Excellence 2018 plan with a single focus: to strengthen our position as the world’s leading glass manufacturer for the beauty industry. A step forward into a new era of even greater quality for our customers, flawless customer service, a supply chain that guarantees the fastest delivery times, not to mention increasingly innovative solutions for eco friendly glass and decoration techniques. We believe in excellence and will make every effort to achieve our goals together, on a daily basis.


Stirling Square Capital Partners becomes the new shareholder of Verescence

Stirling Square Capital Partners, a leading pan-European private equity firm, becomes the new sole shareholder of the group. It invests in mid-market companies across Western Europe with enterprise values between €50m and €500m. The arrival of Stirling Square Capital Partners will enable us to accelerate our international expansion and our new strategic plan Verescence 2022 - Forming the future.

Stirling Square Capital Partners

Launch of THE strategic plan Verescence 2022 - Forming the future

The corporate project Verescence 2022 - Forming the future aims to make our group the global reference in the sustainable beauty industry and includes a massive investment plan of 122 million euros.


Acquisition of the glass manufacturer Pacificglas (Verescence Pacific) in South Korea

With this acquisition, Verescence strengthens its international footprint and becomes a leading player in the beauty market in Asia. Founded in 1973, Pacificglas was a subsidiary of Amorepacific Group, the largest cosmetics producer in South Korea.

Verescence Pacific


Opening of a sales office in São Paulo, Brazil

This new Verescence sales office joins a network of global offices, including Paris (HQ), New York, Barcelona and Janghang (South Korea).


We are a company of enthusiasts. Our personalities and team spirit give us collective strength. We are united in the Verescence adventure, guided by a highly driven management team intent on building our company’s rightful place in the future

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