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2018-02-12 Article

Verescence creates an exceptional glass bottle for Proenza Schouler's debut fragrance Arizona

Verescence, the global leader in glass bottle manufacturing for the perfumery and cosmetics industry, has manufactured an exceptional glass bottle with its SCULPT’in technology for Arizona, the first fragrance by fashion brand Proenza Schouler under a license agreement with L’Oréal.

The Arizona bottle was a real technical challenge and demonstrates Verescence’s innovation capabilities both in terms of glass and decoration.


Verescence used a unique and innovative glass forming process, the SCULPT’in technology, to create this artistic glass bottle featuring an asymmetric distribution of glass. “This Verescence’s patented technology SCULPT’in revolutionizes the glass bottle forming process and allows us to create singular glass distributions inside bottles blown through a standard neck finish.” explained Samuel Joachim, INPD Director at Verescence.


The Arizona bottle is magnified by a complex pad-printing in a coral color that emphasizes the faceted angles and the unique design of the bottle. “The pad-printing with a color gradient effect was also a technical feat realized in our decoration site in Abbeville (Hauts de France Region, France)”, commented Samuel Joachim. The name of the product is silk screened in black on the front panel.

“We are very proud of this disruptive innovation for Proenza Schouler's first fragrance by pushing the boundaries of glass bottle manufacturing. This was made possible through an effective collaboration between L’Oréal and Verescence teams”, stated Samuel Joachim.

The Arizona bottle was made in France in Mers-les-Bains glass manufacturing site, Verescence’s center of excellence for glass innovation, and will be launched in February in three sizes 30ml, 50ml and 90ml.