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A key indicator to measure our progress in this area, our absenteeism rate in 2019 was 5.51%, considering that our target for 2022 is an absenteeism rate of less than 4%.

To achieve our goal, we invested €1.2 million in 2019 to improve working conditions and HSE initiatives. We have also intensified our internal communication and regular feedback from our employees on our strategy and results. In 2019, the renovation of the Mers-les- Bains administrative center was also completed, involving 120 people and an investment of €4.5 million over 3 years.

Greater dialog for greater commitment

The participatory groups set up in our plants as of 2018 have been mainstreamed. They make it possible to identify and resolve working conditions issues as close as possible to the field and performance improvement potential. In France, the agreements to set up the CSE (Economic and Social Committee) were signed unanimously. In Spain, a new social contract has been negotiated for the next 3 years.


million euros to improve working conditions and HSE initiatives


absenteeism rate

Verescence in Action

all of our sites publish an internal newsletter, "Verescence in Action", once a month placing the emphasis on the site’s latest news

A shared and stimulating direction

In addition to the completion of our Group Intranet, our collaborative tool, the monthly publication at each site of an internal newsletter entitled “Verescence in Action" emphasizes the highlights experienced by our teams in their respective environments. Our membership in the SBTi allows us to structure a long-term approach to reducing our emissions and energy consumption, making the work of our technical experts even more meaningful in the years ahead. We are working with them to contribute to the action plan being developed.

A harmonized management that empowers

In 2019-2020, a review of all Verescence's key processes, including CSR criteria, was carried out: at the level of the Executive Committee, the Regional Management Committees and the Site Management Committees. This review integrates CSR criteria, with a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) and an improvement plan, and feeds into a global and regional CSR Roadmap.


We regularly organize inaugurations and events to celebrate milestones, victories and important moments in the company’s life. These highlights allow us to invite the stakeholders who have contributed positively to these projects and to congratulate our teams. 

On June 19, 2019, at all our sites - France, Spain, USA - all our employees witnessed the official launch of our new strategic plan, Verescence 2022 – Forming the Future. It was an inspiring event, rich in exchanges and conviviality, and a time to share the vision and goals of Verescence 2022.

At Verescence, we believe that sport is an ideal way to bring teams closer to the Group and have healthy employees. In 2019, Verescence took part in numerous local races – La Transbaie in Saint-Valery-sur- Somme, Pink October in Abbeville, La Parisienne in Paris, Fuzz Run in Covington – and inter-company challenges.