Increasing the intelligence of our organizations is an imperative to meet the economic, ecological and societal challenges related to our activities. Diversity at Verescence is a source of wealth and progress.


Our growth and profitability must have a positive impact on our employment areas and lead to a stable employment contract as soon as possible. In 2018, we recruited more than 120 people on permanent contracts in France and Spain.

Rooted in its territories, Verescence works with local schools, trains and recruits mainly locally.

In addition, we want our presence to bring tangible benefits to our territories by including the most disadvantaged populations. For example, in 2018, our Spanish site completely revised its accessibility for disabled workers. A great mobilizing project. In France, we have forged close links with the Pôle emploi employment agency and HumanDo, an actor in integration through employment and more recently worked closely with the “Resto du Coeur” to identify people with limited access to employment.


At Verescence, three different nationalities are building the future within the Executive Committee and six nationalities within the Board of Directors.

In 2018, we were fortunate to see eight of our Brazilian colleagues (a subsidiary we sold in 2017) want to join us and continue the adventure. They are now based in France, Spain and the USA. This is a great opportunity to bring a different perspective to the functions they perform.

Annual business line committee meetings bring together Verescence experts of all nationalities and departments, while exchange visits between our sites and major group-wide projects complete this “cross-fertilization” system.


Through its CSR policy, Verescence pays particular attention to diversity and equal opportunities. Verescence has published the results obtained for each of its French sites and is committed to pursuing its actions and to respecting equal treatment in terms of salary increases and internal promotion, while strengthening the gender mix at all levels of the company. Download the press release


The proportion of female managers in 2018 remains in line with the 2017 results. Our 2020 target (33%) will require us to extend our efforts, particularly through recruitment. In 2018, we achieved a rate of women recruited of 41%. We have set ourselves a parity-based recruitment target for 2020 of 50-50.



female managers in 2018


female recruits in 2018


Focus: women at verescence

Affirming and developing women in leadership

Launched in 2017, the network “Women at Verescence” brings together Verescence employees and customers for an event to consult, exchange and inspire one another.

Meeting with inspiring women

A second meeting was held on February 12, 2019, in Paris. In this context, Hélène Marchand, Director General France, welcomed Tatiana Brillant, who came to share her professional experience as a negotiator in the RAID forces - an elite unit of the French police where, before her, this role was reserved for men. Her testimony was a high point of the event and an instructive moment for the network.

Towards greater parity

At Verescence, we believe that it is essential to increase the number of women in our entire workforce by facilitating women’s access to all the group’s professions and hierarchy levels. In the words of Hélène Marchand, “parity in technical and managerial roles will increase the intelligence of our company.”