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2022-06-16 Event

Verescence wins the LUXE PACK in green award at the New York show

Verescence is honored to have won the LUXE PACK in green award in the “Most Responsible CSR Initiative” category for its efforts to make PCR glass the new standard in the beauty industry, highlighting how glass packaging can help us achieve a more sustainable circular economy.

Luxe Pack in Green award

Having pioneered the use of post-consumer recycled glass for many years with “Infinite Glass 40” (manufactured exclusively in Verescence's French factory with 40% PCR glass), Verescence launched in 2021 a new glass composition, “Infinite Glass 20”, with the aim of increasing its PCR glass production capacities throughout the world.

This new formulation combines a lower proportion of PCR (20%) resulting in a glass shade that appeals to a larger number of customers. Globally and from 2022, nearly 75% of the production will be made from PCR glass, significantly reducing energy consumption and emissions related to the glass melting process.

Thank you to the 2022 in green expert judging panel: Alexandra Uribe, Sustainability Consultant & Carbon Emissions Specialist at CO2RAL, Victor Casale, Co-founder & CEO at MOB Beauty & Pact Collective, Monica Becker, Director, Beauty, Personal Care & Household Products at Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief at Beauty Packaging Magazine, and Kaitlyn Schneider, Director of Product Innovation and Engineering at Tata Harper Skincare.