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2022-02-18 Article

Supplier Engagement Leader 2021

Verescence recognized as a ‘Supplier Engagement Leader 2021’ by the international organization CDP

Supplier Engagement Leader 2021

In December 2021, CDP awarded the Verescence Group for its leadership in corporate sustainability with an ‘A’ rating for tackling water security and ‘A-’ for leading effort against climate change. Following 2021 global score release, companies responding to the full version of the CDP climate change questionnaire also received a Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) in addition to their climate change score.

With the highest SER score, an A rating, Verescence is one of the 518 companies to have earned a place on CDP’s 2021 Supplier Engagement Leaderboard, in recognition of its efforts to measure and reduce climate risk within our supply chain.

In 2021, as part of the definition of its decarbonization plan, Verescence carried out a comprehensive scope 3 assessment, namely indirect CO2 emissions linked to production-related activities, which allowed the glassmaker to identify new opportunities for engaging its suppliers to tackle climate change and for reducing its carbon footprint across its value chain.

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