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2020-04-24 Article

Furnace of the Future

Verescence, partner of the “Furnace of the Future” project

In February 2020, the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) launched “Furnace of the Future”: a milestone for the industry on the path to carbon neutrality.

Verescence is proud to co-develop a high-capacity hybrid electric furnace, alongside investors including the European Union, Ardagh and other glassmakers. A forward-looking world premiere! This furnace will operate thanks to an innovative oxy-combustion process, with fewer carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. And above all, with 80% electricity from renewable sources replacing natural gas.

When de-carbonized, it promises a reduction in furnace emissions of 60% – in other words, approximately 50% of the totaln CO2 emissions of a conventional packaging glass plant. The challenge is also to be able to put more recycled materials into the furnace, which is not possible in today's electric furnaces This experimental furnace will be built at a German glassmaking site (Ardagh), with the first results expected in 2023. This technology represents a step towards climate-neutral glass packaging.