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Responsibility No. 1: the sustainability of our company. It involves in particular the qualification of our employees and the promotion of the glass and finishing trades. Raising the level of training in the main employment areas where Verescence operates is part of the equation.

Know-how Verescence


Present in sometimes “disadvantaged” territories, such as Sparta in the USA or Abbeville in France, Verescence is involved in the training of local populations. For example, 37 certificates have been issued since 2016 in the form of a Certificate of Professional Qualification (CPQ) or of Professional Knowledge and Skills (CléA).


We are active members of European and French associations such as FEVE (European Federation of glass packaging and glass tableware makers), the Fédération du Verre, Glass Valley, Cosmetic Valley and The Fragrance Foundation. In 2018, with the collaboration of Glass Valley and Pôle emploi, in the Bresle Valley where 70% of the world’s production of high-end bottles and flasks comes from, Verescence participated in a forum, the first of its kind, dedicated to the glass industry: WEV (Week-End Verrier). A variety of trades, from glassmaking, molding, foundry and finishing, to sorting. Objectives: to encourage vocations and bring candidates and employers closer together.


Industry Week

In 2019, we opened the doors of our Mers-les-Bains plant to young high school students during Industry Week to encourage these young people to pursue a career within our company and to promote the entire range of technical professions in our plants.

Sustainability Report

Publicizing our CSR through a report such as the one published in 2018 contributes to our attractiveness as an employer. Almost all the job interviews conducted in 2018- 2019 showed that candidates had read the documentation and that our vision in this area was a source of motivation for them.



Verescence continues to run qualifying training courses with its partners. In 2018, our Abbeville site in France celebrated its first CléA certificates.

“Beyond the practical skills mobilized on a daily basis by our teams, the ‘training’ section of their CV may lack substance. Which explains our desire to support them in qualifying projects. Thus, at the Verescence Somme site, we were able to share the joy of a certain number of them to have obtained, in 2018 – for some, the 1st diploma of their lives! A certificate attesting to a level of training validated by the French Ministry of Education and obtained while working at Verescence. Whether it is a CPQ course resulting in a diploma valid in the world of industry, or a CléA integrating a refresher course on the ‘fundamentals’, the passing candidates see their individual employability improved”, notes Patrick Dartois, Human Resources Manager at Verescence Somme.