Qualité de service et compétitivitéQUALITY OF SERVICE AND COMPETITIVENESS

In our luxury trade, the expected level of quality, the sophistication of products and therefore the multiplication of manufacturing steps can lead to high levels of waste. Reducing our environmental impact consists first and foremost in simplifying flows and better controlling our industrial processes. Customer satisfaction and the robustness of our industrial processes contribute to our overall performance.

Quality of service


In 2018, Verescence grew faster than expected, falling below the 1% customer complaint rate. Process control, both in glassmaking and finishing, continued to improve: a 2% increase in efficiency at all our sites. This improvement in operational excellence is accompanied by significant investment in people and equipment. The target for 2022 is a customer complaint rate of less than 0.5% and improved yields of 5% at all our sites.


customer claim rate in 2018


Today, our customers are asking us for ever greater agility to deal with the high volatility of the market. The sector is undergoing a major transformation, impacted by the development of e-commerce, the globalization of demand, the emergence of new brands and the growth of sales in Asia. In 2018, Verescence improved its service in a context of high load (91% of OTIF). We have also worked to reduce unnecessary steps in our flows to shorten our delivery times while reducing our inventories. Our ambition for 2022 is to be able to offer our customers an OTIF of more than 97% while reducing our lead time by at least 3 weeks.