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WHY verescence ?


Proud of its ancestral glass making expertise, anchored in modernity, Verescence is today an international group with a strong local presence. A pioneer and innovator in sustainable development, our company boasts the development of the first 100% recycled glass (Verre Infini®) to its name and an awareness of the new challenges to be met, both ecological and societal, in order to remain the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury glass bottles. Thanks to the women and men who bring and cultivate their talents within the company, Verescence envisions and implements its development as a human and industrial adventure rooted in shared values.

Choosing Verescence means embodying:

  • Global leadership at the forefront of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), delivering meaningful individual and collective performance;
  • A work spirit uniting Passion, Respect, Courage and Excellence at work, on a daily basis;
  • A historical "know-how” that is constantly updated, driven by each of the 2,500 employees who have co-written our Group's success story over the years.

We are a business driven by people. Our personalities and team spirit make up our collective strength. We are connected by the Verescence adventure, supported by expert and dynamic leadership which will lead our company towards a cutting-edge future. This site showcases our different professions, our job offers and the richness of the careers of the women and men at Verescence who enthusiastically embrace our strategic plan to deliver exceptional products to our prestigious customers.

Talents Verescence

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Employee engagement is just as important to us as customer satisfaction. Priority is given to the welfare of those who contribute to the well-being of Verescence worldwide. An identified and shared approach, transparent policies, clearly established working conditions and organizations are the vectors of success for each employee and the company.


employees worldwide, half of which work outside of France


of women in 2022

20 schools

for Glass and Finishing trainings


of staff trained in 2022


female recruits in 2022


gender equality index rating in 2023 (France)

Our talents share their experience

Production and Industrial Performance Engineer Cold End

Timothée Verescence Mers-les-Bains (France)
« My role is divided into two parts: production performance, as well as project monitoring and the installation of new equipment. »

Key Account Manager

Bianca Verescence Sales Office in Paris (France)
« What I like about my job is providing solutions, contributing to product development and therefore to the success of these products, of our customers and of Verescence. »

Production and Industrial Performance Engineer Hot End

Charlotte Verescence Mers-les-Bains (France)
« My job is to provide support to production teams, improve production equipment, and also monitor various projects to achieve operational excellence. »

New Product Industrialization Quality Manager

Valentin Verescence Somme (France)
« My job is to guarantee and ensure the conformity of the products we develop on our production lines and with our production resources. »

Product Development Project Manager

Quentin Verescence Mers-les-Bains (France)
« What I like best about my job is working in a team and finding technical solutions with the design office and production teams for innovative solutions that haven't been done before. »

Autonomus Production Unit Manager (APU)

Sophie Verescence Orne (France)
« I came to Verescence Orne 24 years ago as an interim worker on a frosting line, and held several very different positions, initially providing replacements. Each milestone in my career...

Batch & Furnace Manager

Tracy Verescence North America (Covington, USA)
« After 12 years in the glass industry, in 2013, I joined Verescence. An engineer, with a B.S. in mechanical engineering, at the US plant in Covington, Georgia, I’m in charge of the raw...

Manager of the Molding shop

Emmanuel Verescence Mers-les-Bains (France)
« When I joined Verescence in 1989 as a worker, I was immediately fascinated by glass forming. The transformation of a drop of glass into a precious bottle seemed like pure magic to me! I got to...

Quality Director

Elena Verescence La Granja (Spain)
« Most of my 13-year career at Verescence has been in the Quality Department. The plant in the La Granja region of Spain has a solid reputation and belongs to an international group that is...

Head of Sorting

Luis Enrique Verescence La Granja (Spain)
« I started working in 1995, at the age of 18, for a Verescence subcontractor in mechanical maintenance at the La Granja plant in Spain. Five years later, I was offered a job first as a packer,

Quality Team Leader

Sherry Verescence North America (Sparta, USA)
« In 2007, my husband and I temporarily, at first, moved to the region of the Verescence plant in Sparta to be at the bedside of a member of our family who was unwell. With no Internet...