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2021-11-21 Article

Verescence expands PCR glass production capabilities

Verescence expands PCR glass production capabilities with the launch of Verre Infini® 20

As part of its “Verescence 2022 - Forming The Future” strategy which aims to make the Group the global reference in the sustainable beauty industry, Verescence today announces the launch of a new glass composition, Verre Infini® 20 (Infinite Glass), aiming to increase its PCR[1] glass production capabilities around the world.

Verre Infini 20

Having pioneered the use of PCR glass for many years with Verre Infini® 40, Verescence is launching a new glass composition, Verre Infini® 20. This new formulation combines 20% PCR and a glass tint adapted to the aesthetic requirements of luxury brands. Already produced in France and Spain, this glass composition will be gradually deployed in the United States in the first quarter of 2022, then in South Korea in 2023.

Thomas Riou, CEO of Verescence comments:

Since September 2021, our biggest furnace in France and our Spanish furnace have been operating successfully with this glass composition. It is thanks to the commitment of our major customers that Verre Infini® 20 becomes the standard glass composition of Verescence. It is a paradigm shift in the beauty industry that we are proud to support for sustainable luxury.

Alain Thorré, CSR Director of Verescence adds: 

We have invested more than 1 million euros to adapt our furnaces to the production of recycled glass, which also contributes to the reduction of our CO2 emissions (5% lower emissions). Globally and from 2022, nearly 75% of our productions will be made from PCR glass.

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[1] PCR: Post-Consumer Recycled, recycled glass from local household waste collection.